At 1 gram per strand, these extensions are perfect for all thicknesses and lengths of hair. Attached in with either a plastic silicone micro bead or copper, you can wash your hair straight after application with a pull up needed every 8 to 12 weeks. You can also cut, tone and colour your extensions but only with 3% peroxide or under. Double drawn for extra thickness, at Billie Boutique we use only the highest quality Brazilian human hair extensions and 100% certified Remy 7a grade hair. All I-tip extensions are available in a wide range of lengths and colours.


  • Individual bonds
  • Can wash hair straight away
  • Can be maintained every 5 to 7 weeks
  • Easy maintenance


  • Fine hair or small head – limited amount of extensions
  • Less than full head is applied, can give a less full appearance
  • Cannot go as close to hairlines
  • 2 hours for full head